Intellectual & Digital Capital

We regard innovation as a key competitive advantage and our Research & Innovation facility in Bengaluru possesses both the required intellectual knowledge and expertise to give us the edge in providing constantly -improving Innovations to our customers.

Our Transformation Plan is dependent upon the Group’s Intellectual and Digital Capital as we are moving from a situation whereby our business was reliant on third party vendors who own all the IP. With regards to the new subsidiaries, the Intellectual and Digital Capital contribution is very important to ensure that we own all the IP of the products and services being deployed at customers’ premises.

Stocks of Capital

Own IP Solutions

Our vision: to become the most valuable technology firm in our markets, hinges on our profitability. In our industry the companies who own their IP are the ones who command higher multiples. Therefore, while InfoSystems relies on our partners for IP, the new subsidiaries are investing in the creation of their own IP.

Research & Innovation

The investment in the creation of our own IP is not a destination but a journey as we need to keep optimising and improving our platforms and applications. Innovation is the name of the game and this requires considerable research in the requirements of our customers and their end users’ needs to enable our development teams to ensure that our IP remains the best in class.

Partnership Certifications

Partnership with Global technology firms is critical for InfoSystems to ensure that we can provide best of breed solutions in all our Information Technology proposals − including related maintenance and support. In addition, our new subsidiaries also require strong partnerships with Cloud providers as well as Solutions Architects, whenever they are outsourced.