Vishal Manrakhan
General Manager

[ Engineering Consultancy ]

Mechanical – Electrical – Technology [ICT/IIoT & Digital]

Year under Review

During the year under review, we have started the mobilisation for our Seychelles operations which is expected to run over the next financial year. As we have invested massively in Human and Technological Capital, we are now able to deliver cost effective solutions to the client. We have decided not to actively pursue other international opportunities as our priority is to deliver high quality service on existing projects.

In Mauritius, we have continued our expansion in other Hotel Groups, Shopping Malls and Smart City operators. While clients are more and more demanding, the technology is also getting more complex especially as we merge different disciplines such as Electricity and Information Technology. In this respect our Enterprise Command & Control Centre [EC3] has been launched and its beta version has been successfully deployed.

Looking Forward

With an expanding hospitality business in Seychelles and lack of local human capital, we believe that there is a strong opportunity to develop our capability there. In addition, we will seek partnerships with global consulting firms for sub-consulting work from the African region. Once our EC3 is fully operational in Mauritius, we will be looking at other markets such as Seychelles, Namibia and Maldives.

In Mauritius, we will focus on customers within the Shopping Malls and Hotel industry as we develop domain expertise as well as ensure that we deliver cost effective services of the highest quality. We are planning to continue improving our technological and human capital as we move towards the 4th Industrial revolution through our EC3, targeting Smart City operators, Hotel Groups and Shopping Malls.

Capitals Mix

DigiConsult / EC3

Intellectual & Digital Capital is our most important capital as we build our EC3 platform and ensure that on the M&E front, our expertise and IP are properly harvested so that we fully benefit from the automation that follows. Human Capital is important for us as all the services, from design to performance assurance, is dependent upon highly skilled engineers. Relationship & Social Capital is also key for us as consultants to maintain trust with our customers.