Anglo African Investments Limited has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s Companies to Inspire Africa 2019. To be included in the list, companies needed to be privately held, and show an excellent rate of growth and potential to power African development. Anglo African successfully fulfilled all the criteria needed to be met for inclusion namely company status, growth, size and auditability. 360 companies from 32 different countries are represented in the report.

The 2019 report identifies a new cohort of fast growing and dynamic businesses across Africa. This pioneering report outlines Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private, high-growth companies driving transformative growth in their domestic countries, Africa and beyond.

Anglo African has contributed significantly in its home economy as well as on the African landscape through its subsidiaries namely InfoSystems, NanoBNK, DigiConsult (EC3) and Ventures. With one of the strongest financial performance in the industry, achieved by resilient business models aiming to create value across their five capitals, in alignment with the United Nations SDGs.

Anglo African has also been recognised for using technology, through its subsidiaries in the war against Poverty, Ignorance, Discrimination and Climate change.

Having recently been nominated in the Finance for the Future 2018 Awards sponsored by ICAEW, Deloitte UK and A4S, Anglo African continues to be active in diverse African economies, showing its commitment to tap into the opportunities of ‘The Hopeful Continent’.

The ‘Companies to Inspire 2019’ report was produced in partnership with African Development Bank Group, Stephenson Harwood, CDC Group, PwC and the research partner Asoko Insight who contributed their insight and expertise to select the featured companies.

To find more about the report, visit or download the full PDF here.