Trishan Ramchurn
General Manager

[ Knowledge Sharing & Investments ]

High Value Learning – Business Incubation

Year under Review

During the year under review, Ventures did not plan any international initiatives whether with regards to High Value Learning or Business Incubation.

In Mauritius, we have been able to deliver a number of conferences on Blockchain, Digital Transformation and others which have been well received by our clients. We have also been able to deliver high level workshops to senior management teams and Board of Directors of Banks and large conglomerates. On the Business Incubation side, we have unfortunately not been able to meet our expectations for a number of reasons; delays in obtaining the necessary accreditation and certifications, sourcing the right start-ups and entrepreneurs. We are now reviewing our strategy and planning accordingly.

Looking Forward

We are now working closely with our sister company NanoBNK to develop Digital Transformation Training for their banking clients as well as private workshops to enable customers to challenge themselves on the major trends facing them. Our Business Incubation strategy will ensure that projects that Ventures will be incubating will be able to scale for regional or international markets as they align with the UN SDGs and are STEM based.

In Mauritius, we plan to re-structure our High Value learning offerings in the different aspects of Annual Reporting. Conferences or specialised workshops for senior management and Board of Directors will be on topics like Integrated Thinking, UN SDGs, GRI and Other related ones. Our Business Incubation will focus on projects aligned with the UN SDGs, that are STEM based and driven by women entrepreneurs.

Capitals Mix

Ventures AA

Relationship Capital continues to remain very important as we rely on partners locally and overseas to assist us on our High Value Learning initiatives, as well as Business Incubation, for mentoring, market access and others. Intellectual Capital is also important especially as we now move towards STEM projects. Financial capital is important as we need funds to invest in identified startups that may bring value to our Group.