Jessen Valaythen
General Manager

[ Digital Banking as a Service ]

Digital Banking Platform – Financial Inclusion Applications – Fintech Consulting

Year under Review

During the year under review, our first platform has gone live in Cameroon. This was an exceptional experience as it was our first deployment and also a great learning opportunity. In addition, we are also very excited to be profitable in our first full year of operations, which is exceptional for a Fintech startup, and for the commendations we received from prestigious global institutions such as ICAEW, Deloitte and Others. All this is testimony of a robust business model.

In Mauritius, we have been able to successfully deliver our Artificial Intelligence services through Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning to banks and other FSI operators. Unfortunately, we have not been able to make much progress with regards to our Fintech license application, which has delayed our entry within the Mauritian Fintech industry.

Looking Forward

We are looking at setting up our R&D in one of the Fintech capitals such as London, Paris or Singapore, in order to better access talents in the areas of AI, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics and Other Emerging Technologies that form the basis of our Applications. Our Asian business development performance has not been as per expectations and we will have to review our approach, strategy and action plan. On the technology side, we are on track for the launch of the new platforms, applications and services.

In Mauritius, we will accentuate our efforts within the Artificial Intelligence space within the banking, Financial Services Industry as well as Financial Backoffice of large conglomerates. On the Digital Banking side, we are also preparing ourselves for a deployment in Mauritius within the next financial year. While we are ready technologically, we are still in final negotiations with local banking partners.

Capitals Mix


Intellectual & Digital Capital is our most important capital as we build our own platform and hence develop our own IP. This allows us to remain competitive and is in line with our long-term value creation. Technological Capital is important for us as the NanoBNK business model is based on Revenue Sharing which is dependent upon the number of connected clients. Financial Capital also ranks high in view of the considerable investments required.