Value Creation

The value added statement reports the value added by the activities of the Group and its employees and also shows how the value created has been distributed.

Value added is calculated as the market price of the output of the Group less cost of bought-in goods and services. This value added is distributed to various parties, such as employees, providers of capital, Government or retained in the Group to maintain and develop operations.

Total value created were distributed to:

We contribute to the economy through job creation, upskilling our staff as well as providing job placements to university students.

We pay Income Tax, VAT and other permits and licenses to the Government, in the countries we operate in.

We reinvest profits to finance research and innovation in new technologies as well as to support future growth of the company for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

We pay interest to banks and dividend to shareholders. We also indirectly contribute to the economy through the transactions with our suppliers which provide us mostly interest free credit just as we give credit to most of our customers.

We give back to the community by supporting non-governmental organisations which are involved in supporting children in need of special care or educational support.