Asvin Caully
General Manager

[ Information Technology ]

IT Infrastructure – Datacom – Cloud Computing – Information Security

Year under Review

During the year under review, our Zambian operations gathered momentum and delivered strong results despite facing a number of challenges. Moreover, we have also continued our business expansion, albeit modestly in Djibouti, Reunion Island and other African countries. While locally, our IT Infrastructure business continues to maintain its leadership position in the Banking / Financial Services Industry, it has also been able to penetrate key Pan-African ones.

In Mauritius, it was a mixed bag performance by Infosystems as our Infrastructure and Datacom business had a very good year but was impacted by a very difficult year for the Application and Software line of Business. We have taken steps to review our presence in the Application and Software business in view of the specialisation taking place within the group with respect to NanoBNK and DigiConsult.

Looking Forward

On the International front, we will consolidate our operations in Zambia and Djibouti within the traditional IT business and will also consider opportunities in Namibia and Botswana in alliance with our strategic vendors. We are also evaluating opportunities in the African banking sector in partnership with our sister company NanoBNK within their current customer base, especially in the Cloud & Security space.

In Mauritius, we will continue to defend and grow our position on existing markets, in particular the Financial Services Industry. Moreover, we will partner with our sister company DigiConsult for data center turn-key solutions. Finally, we will increase our efforts in the development of new lines of business such as Cloud and Information Security which remains our growth business considering that we are a strong player locally.

Capitals Mix


Financial Capital is our most important capital in view of the profit contribution and the financial support it requires in terms of working capital and guarantees. Relationship & Social Capital is an important one as it has been built over years through the quality of our delivery resulting in a trusted partnership with customers. Human Capital ranks high as our people are behind the quality of delivery that has given us this leadership position.