About Us & Group Structure

Anglo African is a technology-based investment company which attempts to cover the important technology sub-sectors in line with market opportunities. We are headquartered in Mauritius, with fully owned subsidiaries in Zambia and India, and sales offices in Djibouti and Reunion Island. We employ over 60 Certified ICT professionals within our different subsidiaries as follows:

  1. InfoSystems is our Information Technology company providing end to end solutions to different industries at large, from IT Infrastructure to DataCom as well as Cloud & InfoSec services;
  2. NanoBNK is our Fintech company focusing on the Financial Services Industry. With its Digital Banking Platform it offers Financial Inclusion Applications, namely: Digital Payments, Micro- Finance and Cross Border Remittance;
  3. DigiConsult is our Engineering Consulting firm in the Mechanical, Electrical and Technology [ICT/ IIoT/Digital] space. Our Enterprise Command & Control Centre [EC3] allows clients to efficiently manage and predict their performance indicators on utiliities efficiency.
  4. Ventures is our High Value Learning and Business Incubation company, targeting different industries at large. The Business Incubation focuses on specific technology sub-sectors aligned with the S.T.E.M. and UN SDGs.

Group Structure

* : non-operational

** : associate [46%]