Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most VALUABLE technology firm in the markets where we operate

Financial Highlights

CEO’s Review

Over the last two years, through Integrated Thinking, we have successfully transformed our company from a traditional IT company to a diversified technology investment firm focused on long-term value creation…


KPI – FY2018 & FY2019

“Our traditional IT Business continues to achieve robust growth locally and in our African operations. We are now looking at boosting our new Cloud & Information Security Lines of Business.”

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“With our first platform live, our first profitable financial year, an exceptional team and a number of accolades from prestigious institutions, our challenge is to now scale globally!”

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“Our Senior Partners have years of experience in both contracting and consulting which makes our approach to design, procurement and project management unique.”

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“We deliver knowledge-based services through public conferences, private workshops or high value learning.”

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Our Strategies

Financial Capital

Human Capital

Intellectual & Digital Capital

Relationship & Social Capital

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

For Anglo African, risk management involves appropriately balancing out between realising opportunities for gain while minimising adverse impacts.

Financial Statements